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Kathu365 is a self-served directory, and most of the problems can be fixed by browsing the frequently asked questions.

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Blocked listing
All submissions go through a strict editorial validation process. If a submission is not in  compliance   with our   terms of use , it  will be denied. 

There are a few common scenarios when your submission gets blocked.

  • Business name contains a GEO place, telephone number, promotional message. 
  • Malformed Address.
  • Business is outside Kathu.
  • The image did not pass an editorial approval.
  • Adult Oriented Content.
  • Pure Online Business.
  • Duplicated Listing.
  • Mismatched category. Intentionally mismatched category. 
  • Proxy or disposable emails as a business email. It includes SEO/Marketing agencies emails as well. 
  • Unnatural Reviews. 
  • The agency has exceeded the maximum amount of submissions. 
  • Your previous submissions already have been blocked for any of the reasons above.
Please contact us if we have blocked you in error:
How to create/claim a business listing?

To register a  business, please go to the ADD LISTING button and enter the required information.
If the listing already exists, please claim the business listing by clicking the orange button "claim this listing".  
If the claim button is not available, please contact us. 

Can I hide my street address?

You simply do not fill in your address. It is not required but firmly advised.

I registered my business, what should I do next?

Once you added your listing you will receive an invoice via mail or go to the checkout page. Once you settle your invoice we will review your work to make sure you comply with our terms of use.

I did not register my listing with you, but the listing exists, and I cannot claim it.

We work with various data providers as well as agencies that use Kathu365 to list their clients. 

Please contact us if you would like to take over the listing.
Do you validate submissions?

Yes! All submissions go through a strict validation process. If a submission is not in compliance with our terms of use,  it will be denied. 

Most Poular
Who can benefit from

Any business unless you are a pure online business, pure affiliated business (no original content, rather affiliated content), adult oriented business or an MLM type of business.

How does help me to promote my local business?
According to recent market research, more and more consumers are looking for local information online. We are helping businesses to get online in a community-oriented way and reach out to an extended local customer network with effective tools like coupons, promotions, blogs and job listings. Being all together helps local businesses to get exposure in the search engines and achieve higher rankings which are virtually impossible by acting alone. 
We are asking for your active participation. Create coupons, promotions, upload photos, videos, and write blogs. Customers will return to your business listing more often and will be more loyal to your business. has all the right tools to help you be more successful online and offline. Form networks with your neighbors and business associates. 

Link to your business listing on from your website. 

Will my listing appear on Google, Bing and other search engines?

Your business listing is optimized for search engine placement and your listing should appear on Google, Bing and other search engines. We cannot guarantee 100% success, but we are working very hard to achieve inclusion and higher ranking in search engines for our users.

How can customers find my business listing?

Customers can find your business listing on via neighborhood search pages, on the business listing of businesses you are networking with, or by entering your business name into the search box on any page where available. Customers may also bookmark your business listing to make it easier to visit later. Finally, customers can find your business listing by doing targeted searches in major search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Customer Communication
How can a customer communicate with me?

There are many ways that customers can communicate with you. They may contact you by clicking on one of the options in the "Contact Us" section of your listing. Those messages go directly to you and are not visible to other users of the site. Customers can also review your business, lastly they can directly chat with you when both online.

I just received an email that I have a new message on, what should I do?

Follow directions in the email or go to your Business Dashboard. Find the new message alert. This link will bring you to your messages. Click on the "new" message and review it.

Can I delete a message?


What is the main difference between a customer review and any other customer message?

Customer reviews are visible to all users of the site, and private messages are not.

What if I don't like a customer review?

Send us an email explaining why you want the review removed

Can I respond to a message?

If a customer provided the email address, you could connect to the customer through your email client. 

How do I leave a review?
  • Click on the "write a review" or "be the first one to review!" button right under the business name.
  • Log in or register a new user account.
  • Place a review.

You cannot leave a review for a business listing which review feature is disabled. 

If we identify unnatural reviews, we disable the review feature for a business listing.